Songs of Pain

by Dables

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Recorded during Nov & Dec 2010 in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.


released January 5, 2011

all music and lyrics written, performed, and recorded by David Walker.
all tracks mixed and mastered by Alex Murray.
Slackerpop Records 2011



all rights reserved


Dables Greenville, South Carolina

Dables is the alias for DIY manic folk rocker David Walker who has been a staple in the upstate South Carolina scene since 2005. After playing in Death Mullet, Mr. Waffle, DAN, and Closet Monster, he started performing and recording solo as Dables, a combination of the words David's Bullshit. In 2010, Dables became a full three piece band, playing shows all around South Carolina ... more

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Track Name: Embracing My Insanity
Everyone in the whole world is out of their minds
We are all insane no matter how normal you think you are
People lose their grip on reality each and every day

Even if you're down to earth or if you think you are
Your mind can still float away
It might come back to you, but believe me baby
Sometimes it needs a break

You know it's true
You know I love you
Just want you to know...
Track Name: The Ballad of Lazybones
I was born inside the sun eating oxygen instead of helium
Like every other fucker I constantly question my own existence

Smile real big and ask The Infinity,
"Why do I feel the need to be? Why do I care if people love me?"
"who am I? Where am I from? What happens when you die?"

The Infinity laughs at me,
"I cannot answer you for you already know"
That's what he said, he said to me

Do I hate all my friends or do I hate myself?
I guess that awful question answers itself
A voice calls out to me from the closet, is it a monster?
It says,
"Get your coat on lazybones! Get out of bed!
Do something with your life while you're still alive!"

Get your coat on lazybones.
Track Name: You Will Forget Me
I'm only happy when I'm hiding in my hole
I only feel at home when there's nowhere to go
I'm getting tired of the love that never was
Spending any time on me is a waste of love

I'm really feeling good here in the dark
The fear is still inside me, but the door is locked
So here I am, singing out these songs of pain
My words are all that will remain

You will forget me
You will forget me
And that's ok...yeah that's ok
Track Name: Hotel Room
Clouds are bursting out of my open head
The top has been chopped off but I'm not dead
Inside there's nothing, my mind's already left
Why did I lie about how I feel every single day of my life?
All I had to do was open my mouth and tell you

I got me an ant farm just to watch them die
I still get up out of bed but I don't know why
I just do what the monster says
And because I have no soul our love is completely dead

I've never loved anyone like I cared for you
Track Name: It Just Gets Worse
I see no hope for the future
It just gets worse
Wonder why we make ourselves this way
No way to fix the curse

Anyway there's no escape
I feel like a bug in a jar
Here and now, it's give and take
Sit back, accept your fate
Track Name: Best Friend
Standing on the side of the road
Am I alive? I don't even know
I died a long time ago
All that's left is some kind of ghost

When I found out that you slept with him
I couldn't believe you chose my best friend
They didn't care what happened to me
They must of enjoyed killin' me

She didn't care I loved her so much it hurt
And he didn't care if he helped her break my heart

Now I'm just a ghost of my former self
Please someone hear my cry for help
I loved you both so very much
But you tossed me aside like a piece of trash

I have written so many songs for you my dear
Why didn't you ever hear
I was confessing my deep love for you
But you'd rather be with someone who pretends to care

I felt so much pain to watch our love die
I only wish you would tell me why

Someday you will see the mistake you have made
Track Name: Hey Sid
Hey Sid, you ain't a man
You're just a shoulder
Just a shoulder to cry on

Hey Sid, you ain't her man
You're just her shoulder
Just her shoulder to cry on

And with the way you treat your friends
You will be forever alone

Hey Sid, what's going on?
Are you surprised you're left alone?

Hey Sid, where did you go?
Feelin' like I never knew you at all

Hey Sid, deny it all you can
But you're just a shoulder,
Just a shoulder to cry on

And with the way you treat your friends
You will be forever alone

I'm sorry it worked out this way between us
But until you learn you respect
This is all you can expectmkjjjjj
Track Name: Feeling Close To Throwing Up
Masturbating my brain, Pretending to be a poet,But really I'm just drunk and I had a little luck.
The sky's not as blue as it was yesterday,
I felt the sun go away,
While I slept and sang in my sleep,
"Babies are dying, people are fucking in the street."
You say a shower's what I need,
A little water and peace to re-align my chi.
All my life and all my love,
Is just some weird kind of dream.
Sometimes I can't stop looking at your eyes,
And I almost feel like I understand your mind,
But really you life is too good for mine.
I don't belong anywhere that I can see,
I might as well go swimming in the breeze,
And maybe I can find you again,
Flying in the air, your mind is within,
A rock, and a clock, and my stupid fucking brain.

Everything we are comes from above,
Even when I'm awake, I'm still asleep
Track Name: The History and Death Of
I don't understand your master plan,
What is this for? what am I doing knocking at your door?
I don't see a point in asking what is life for,
Cause no one will ever know the answer to that question.
And everyone of us has a different solution.
And now I'm singing the blues for you,
Singing them outta tune.

and we were singing
la la la blah blah blah
la la la blah blah blah
it doesn't matter
what we were singing

la la la blah blah blah
la la la blah blah blah
we loved each other
without a reason

We met each other in high school, two outcasts that nobody wanted,
Yet right away we knew we were made for each other.
I pine for the days of sitting in her mother's basement,
Watching weird movies and warm in her embrace.
We were so in love, I really have never been that happy.

After two years she broke my heart and didn't tell me why,
she took my unreplacable art and threw them all away,
next thing I hear she is together with my cousin,
A relationship built on mutual hate for me.

we didn't talk for a very long time after this.


Three years down the road I get a letter from my true love,
I was happy to see her again, but I was wary she might hurt me.
We stayed friends for a while and I had to watch her bounce from guy to guy,
While I held up in my room, playing guitar and crying,
I wrote hundreds of songs about how I feel for her.

Things were finally starting to get good between us,
she promised me her love if I got a real job,
And so I worked my fingers to the bone and asked her will she love me again now?

But my answer was never given, she was saving it for my birthday,
I go to get it and I see her under the blankets with my best friend,
They tell me I am an asshole, they tell me to go away,
So they can fuck on the furniture that I bought for him.

This is the last time I'm ever going to sing about you.

You broke my heart for the very last time,
And now I'm moving on.
You have thrown away someone who would never throw away you,
Now I gotta move on.

My love will never go away for that girl you used to be,
You've changed so much,
Oh, what I would've done to get back with you,
But you never really loved me.

All I wanted is for you to feel the way I do,
To understand me, cause I, I understand you.
Track Name: You Will Find The Love You Seek
You will find the love you seek
Just hang on, hang on
Don't give up
And don't be scared

It may not be exactly what you wanted
But it will be real
Don't give up
And don't be scared