Stuff, Volume 1

by Dables

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Stuff, Volume 1 is a collection of outtakes, and previously unreleased tracks that were recorded in 2009 at Closet Monster Studios (RIP) in Greenville, South Carolina.


released June 15, 2009

all music written, performed, and recorded by David Walker
except for...
Track #3 written by Neutral Milk Hotel
Track #7 written by Paul Evans
Track #9 written by Butthole Surfers

Tracks #9-11 are by The Albino Porch Monkeys:
Sid-vocals and other stuff
Clayton-guitar, backing vocals
Keller-bass, backing vocals
Dables-drum machine, guitar, backing vocals, production



all rights reserved


Dables Greenville, South Carolina

Dables is the alias for DIY manic folk rocker David Walker who has been a staple in the upstate South Carolina scene since 2005. After playing in Death Mullet, Mr. Waffle, DAN, and Closet Monster, he started performing and recording solo as Dables, a combination of the words David's Bullshit. In 2010, Dables became a full three piece band, playing shows all around South Carolina ... more

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Track Name: The Results of Boredom, Part 1
I woke up this morning...or really this afternoon.
I ate a bowl of cereal and watched cartoons.
Smoked a bowl, and played this tune.
Am I dying? Am I alive?
Am I dying? Am I asleep?

100 Million people are dead.
I make my sandwiches with rye bread.
It doesn't matter, yer fuckin' with my head.
Track Name: The Results of Boredom, Part 2
You got something to say?
Say it to me...
Track Name: Everything Is
this is a cover of a Neutral Milk Hotel song.
Track Name: Zero Amounts of Shit (demo)
Well I smoke cigarettes while I pump my gas,
I'll punch your mama in the face while I scratch my ass,
I pull out my dick wherever I please,
And I don't say bless you when I hear people sneeze.

I take zero amounts of shit.
Zero. Amount. Shit.

Well I'll do a bong hit right in front of a cop,
Cuz when I start drinking I don't know when to stop.
I'll come over to your house and throw up on your mom,
I punch myself in the dick while I sing this song.

Zero amounts of shit!
I take zero amounts of shit!
Cause I can't quit,
I'm so legit,
Gandhi was a bitch,
Gandhi was a little bitch,
If you are listening to my music then you're a fucking asshole.
Track Name: Happy Go Lucky Me
this was originally written by Paul Evans
Track Name: The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave
this is a butthole surfers cover song