Stuff, Volume 2

by Dables

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Stuff, Volume 2 comprises the outtakes and leftover recordings from 2010 and was released in early 2011.


released February 15, 2011

all music written, performed, and recorded by David Walker
Slackerpop Records 2011
except for...

Adam Young-percussion & vocals on 2, 9, 16
Sid Shurer-vocals on 6
Michael Keller-vocals on 6

Tracks 7 and 17 are Ween covers
Track 13 is a Phil Spector cover



all rights reserved


Dables Greenville, South Carolina

Dables is the alias for DIY manic folk rocker David Walker who has been a staple in the upstate South Carolina scene since 2005. After playing in Death Mullet, Mr. Waffle, DAN, and Closet Monster, he started performing and recording solo as Dables, a combination of the words David's Bullshit. In 2010, Dables became a full three piece band, playing shows all around South Carolina ... more

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Track Name: Blow Yer Nose
the telephone is ringing, better pick it up
cause you know it's the devil calling you collect
he's got some good ideas so don't interrupt
when you feel your brain explode you best respect

blow yer nose, blow my mind
i got a clean gun and i'm feeling fine

why must we stay where we don't belong?
i think you been talking much too long
yeah i don't know if you feel this way
i ate some turkey and cheese again today
Track Name: Go Away
time just turns to dust
i can feel my brain rust
the sun beams down it's glow
we've got no place to go

waiting patiently for death
so i can finally get some rest
sick of complaining all the time
i think you should close your eyes

and go away
and go away

i woke up in a dream
got up and ate some ice cream
my teeth fell out of my head
made love with the living dead

i scream just to hear my voice
but i ain't really got no choice
just hoping i don't fuck up too much
i never get to feel your touch

so go away
so go away
Track Name: Love Headache
my brain's a mess and I must confess
you don't act like all the rest
instead my friend let me start again
and get something off my chest

well we're right back at the beginning again
and I can feel your inhibition slipping way within
and I can't get my mind to comprehend
that my baby's busy fucking another man

I got a love headache
ya ya ya ya

well I think I might sleep for about a week
till my brain starts to bleed, out my ear it leaks
so I drink more beer till the clouds disappear
got my head out the window wondering why am I here

then I pass out on the floor, hear a knock at the door
think my mind is playing a trick
so I open my eyes and to no surprise
guess who, it's you, begging for my dick

I got a love headache
ya ya ya ya
Track Name: Song For Russell
I don't understand
probably never will
maybe I don't want to
if only you were here still

I had a chance the whole time
to say what you meant to me
but you'll never hear my song
I guess it's so long

tell everyone you love them
before it is too late
we all wanna say it, we all need to hear it
if you think there's something wrong with how we're made
well you're just afraid
Track Name: Fade Away
are you still mad at me
for the way I acted in your dream
should I run and hide
from the fire growing in your eyes

I tell you it ain't gotta be
the way that you refuse to see
just let yourself just melt away
don't stick around if you don't wanna stay

don't be afraid to fade away
cause we're all gonna die someday
don't ever think your life's a waste
cause no matter what it's not that way

don't be afraid to fade away
cause burning out is not that great
either way you know you can't escape
don't live in fear of your final days

i heard you got a new job
waiting tables down at the docks
feeling better then you've ever been
yeah, i'm happy for you my friend
Track Name: Facenose
talkin' bout motherfuckin' facenose
Track Name: Way Stoned
people are fucking in the street
so run them over in your car
set fire to those you meet
who don't wanna fight in your war

set fire...
set fire...
get way stoned...

you are shit to me motherfucker