Stuff Volume 3

by Dables

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Stuff Volume 3 is a compilation of previously unreleased Dables songs recorded from 2012-2014.


released May 10, 2015

All music written, performed, and recorded by David Walker
Tracks 5,7,8,13 mixed and mastered by Alex Murray
Percussion & Background vocals on 17 by Michael Keller

All Artwork by Kelli Sanchez

Track 6 originally written by Buck Owens
Track 8 originally written by Ween
Tracks 14-17 originally written by Daniel Johnston
Track 18 is based on a poem by Shel Silverstein

All rights reserved, Slacker Pop Records 2015



all rights reserved


Dables Greenville, South Carolina

Dables is the alias for DIY manic folk rocker David Walker who has been a staple in the upstate South Carolina scene since 2005. After playing in Death Mullet, Mr. Waffle, DAN, and Closet Monster, he started performing and recording solo as Dables, a combination of the words David's Bullshit. In 2010, Dables became a full three piece band, playing shows all around South Carolina ... more

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Track Name: Disembodied Head
I woke up tuesday morning with a disembodied head
laying right beside me and bleeding in my bed
the sheets were all stained crimson
and I started to scream
they would've needed rinsing, but my mind got up to leave
Track Name: Blinky Pipe
blinky, he's just a blinky pipe
oh blinky, he's just a blinky pipe
Track Name: Tape Recorder
when everything's falling in a hole
when mommy and daddy don't like those songs you wrote
turn off the lights, before you lose control
and jam a little tune into your tape recorder
Track Name: Pumpkin Patch
going down to the pumpkin patch
gonna find myself an itch to scratch
gonna wait in the moonlight until the pumpkin flowers bloom at night
feel the dark engulf you now
cause you'll never escape from the patch anyhow

going down to the pumpkin patch
gonna find a way to make this last
gonna rise with the sunlight until I know you will be alright
feel the sun sink in your bones
cause the pumpkin patch is now your home
Track Name: Love's Gonna Live Here
oh the sun's gonna shine in my life once more
love's gonna live here again
things are gonna be the way they were before
love's gonna live here again

love's gonna live here, love's gonna live here
love's gonna live here again
no more loneliness, only happiness
love's gonna live here again
Track Name: Yiggy
Yiggy is a man with only one thing on his mind
a simple little thing, just the destruction of all mankind
everyone will die in all the most horrific ways
yiggy's gonna get ya, so don't try to run away
he's a-eight feet tall and he gets bigger every day
if you cross his path there's nothing you could do or say

he's yiggy
said yiggy
just yiggy

yiggy the destroyer come to slay us all
yiggy don't need to tell you why
all he wants is to end your life

he's yiggy
said yiggy
just yiggy
Track Name: Try to Be Brown
try to be brown
try to get down

see that boy he got the rhythm in him

try to be brown
try to get down

don't do a thing as the people pass
don't eat no chicken, don't shake my ass
see all the hair upon my head
i can't wait until i'm dead

try to be brown
try to get down
Track Name: Who I Ain't, Man
I am just a little man
I go outside whenever I can
Dig a hole right to Japan
Take a swig from my gas can
Feeling my brain sweating
My skin, cold and sickly green
Need to go to Wal-Mart right now
Need to drain out who I am
who I ain't, man
Track Name: My Advice
You were born to love the world
But with me in it that's impossible
So please follow your dreams
Find someone that's like me
But who's definitely not me

I'm pushing forward, I'm leaving life behind
I'm giving up, I'm losing my mind
But you can't force your heart to do what it won't

When you wanna give up remember when I saved you
and then I went and blew it to shit
Track Name: Welcome to Reality
sit around and do nothing
that's what I wanna do
everyone is a piece of shit
love is a lie so fuck you

abandon all hope
and kill all your dreams
sit back, smoke some dope
life is exactly what it seems

quit your job and join a band
you will die hungry and alone
the tour is over you gotta get back home
but all your money is gone

abandon all hope
and kill all your dreams
sit back, smoke some dope
life is exactly what it seems

welcome to reality
Track Name: Negative Superman
in my head there is a negative superman
in my head, in my head
two world collide

and i'm feeling like a clumsy spiderman
in my head, in my head
and i'm tripping on the sidewalk again

used to know what i was trying to say
now my words, all mixed up
looks like i forgot how to think

and my mind is high in the clouds
in the clouds, where i belong
my cape blowing in the wind